Dinosaurs in the Wild is set to launch in the UK this year

Dinosaurs in the Wild is set to launch in the UK this year

A new entertainment experience Dinosaurs in the Wild is set to launch in the UK this year.

The upcoming event is set to make its way to Birmingham's NEC this June and will feature lifelike sets and dinosaur models to transport visitors back to the pre-historic era.

The experience will not only allow customers to be educated on various species, but also enjoy theatre performances and theme park rides.

And for those who want to take a step back in time will be wowed by the variety of artefacts, including dinosaur tissue samples, eyeballs, brains, teeth and claws of the creatures, as well as the heart of the Alamosaurus, which will allow onlookers to observe how the body pumped blood up to its five-metre long neck, which will be on display.

A live autopsy of the Pachycephalosaurus will enable visitors to delve into the scientific side to dinosaurs.

And if that wasn't enough guests can also delve into piles of dinosaur poop and feel - with their own hands -

the difference between a carnivore and herbivores faeces.

However, if that is too much to handle for those with a weak stomach you can put your upper-body strength to the test against a Tyrannosaurus Rex model, or see life through their eyes using a virtual reality device.

Dinosaurs in the Wild's Animal Laboratory will be divided into two sections nocturnal and daytime areas where younger species of the Leptoceratops, Acheroraptor and Ankylosaurus will be open for viewing, although they will be safely caged to prevent any harm coming to inquisitive guests whilst their feeding time is being observed.

And the inspiration behind the 70-minute family adventure, created by the producer of the BBC series 'Walking with Dinosaurs' Tim Haines, came from their desire to take visitors "back in time."

He said: "With Dinosaurs in the Wild, we wanted to create an immersive experience that takes visitors back in time, using the latest in technology to portray the incredible detailing of the creatures and their surroundings. It will truly change people's understanding of how dinosaurs looked."

Dinosaurs in the Wild will open at the NEC in Birmingham on June 24, before moving on to EventCity in Manchester on October 7.

Tickets for Dinosaurs in the Wild can be pre-booked at www.dinosaursinthewild.com and start from £25 for Advanced Off-peak adult tickets and £85 for Advanced Off-Peak family tickets (2 adults and 2 children).