Deliveroo deliver sushi to Pokemon Go players

Deliveroo deliver sushi to Pokemon Go players

Deliveroo took to the streets of London on Monday evening (25.07.16) to deliver food to Pokemon Go players.

The delivery company got players of the hit Nintendo smartphone game - which Ariana Grande has described as "a beautiful thing" that "brings people together all over the world" - to tweet the whereabouts of gyms around London such as Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square and then personally delivered sushi to the game's ravenous players.

The three teams of yellow, blue and red all battled it out to lure the company to their location so they could enjoy the Japanese food straight from the popular sushi bar Yo! Sushi.

Deliveroo Spokesperson, Kate Thomas said: "With Pokémon Go being played up and down the country, more and more trainers are heading out to gyms and are in need of food! With players focusing on the game, they don't always have the time to head to the shops or cook. We hope that our delivery will help trainers keep their energy levels up for the hours of gruelling hunting and battles ahead!"