VIDEO: Car cameras capture madcap stunts and crazy collisions around the globe

VIDEO: Car cameras capture madcap stunts and crazy collisions around the globe

EXPECT the unexpected, say the road safety experts.

Mind you, motorists could be forgiven for not expecting an aircraft to crash on the road, or artillery shells blowing up the truck in front.

It’s also hard to concentrate when a giant meteor blazes across the sky or when a drug-crazed lunatic jumps on the bonnet.

Insurance companies would once have dismissed such elaborate tales as careless drivers try to pull a stroke. Now drivers are using dash-mounted cameras to protect themselves from dodgy insurance claims and fraud.

This has created a treasure-trove of footage capturing madcap stunts, lucky escapes and moments of shocking tragedy.


This week, one driver caught the shocking moment a commercial airliner got into trouble shortly after take off in Taiwan.

The turbo-prop aircraft clips a bridge with its wing tip as it plummets out of control into a river.

While the driver had a lucky escape, fourty four of the 58 passengers on board did not.


Incredibly, the Taiwan crash is not the only time a plane crash has been caught on a ‘dash-cam’.

In this clip, the car in front is slammed with a heavy piece of debris as an aircraft crashed to the right of the motorway. Four people on board were killed in December 2012.


Last month, one driver in Ukraine had a close call when artillery shells slammed into the road ahead of him.

Filmed in the south eastern city of Mariupol, the truck in front explodes in flames and the driver executes a rapid manoeuvre.


A Russian dash-cam captured several angles of a spectacular meteor which hit the Chelyabinsk region in the Ural Mountains, smashing windows, and lighting up the sky in February 2013.

It was reported that 400 people were hurt, mostly by falling glass from shattered windows.


The camera catches the moment a speeding biker overtakes on the inside, pulls back in and then slams into the car in front.

But instead of serious injury, or death, the biker lands on his feet on the roof of the car he hit, in a way Fosset’s Circus would be proud of.


This guy’s wearing a helmet camera as he catches the moment a car breaks a red light just in time for him to slam into its side. Whether it’s luck or instinct, the biker lands on his feet unscathed after flipping through the air. 


One lady gets the fright of her life when she pulls up to a pedestrian crossing only to pick up an unwanted passenger.

An obviously disturbed, or drunk or drug-crazed, man climbs on the bonnet and just won’t go away in very creepy kind of way.


This clip is the perfect example of why drivers shouldn’t cut across lanes to reach their motorway access at the last minute. The driver adds to the mistake by cutting behind a truck that obscures his view, then slams into traffic, bounces back out and is hit. 


This driver in Taiwan films the moment when the car in front comes close to being crushed flat by an enormous boulder.


This dash-cam captures the moment as a terrifying storm rips up plants and strips the roof of the house.

It may be how Dorothy got to Oz, but after watching this you’ll know for sure that you do not want to be in a car in the middle of a tornado.