Darren Clarke has an interesting Ryder Cup pick… Stevie G

Clarke is considering having Stevie G as part of his team
Clarke is considering having Stevie G as part of his team

Ryder Cup captain Darren Clarke could consider asking Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard to speak to the European side ahead of their bid for an unprecedented fourth straight victory at Hazeltine.

Clarke's predecessor Paul McGinley arranged for former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson to address his team at Gleneagles last year, with the home side going on to claim a five-point win.

And Liverpool fan Clarke would not rule out the possibility of using Gerrard in the same way, despite the latter's shocking red card less than a minute after coming on at half-time against Manchester United on Sunday.

"LA is not that close to Minnesota so we will see," Clarke joked in reference to Gerrard's upcoming move to Los Angeles Galaxy. "Paul (McGinley) obviously got a lot of help and advice from a lot of different people who have been in that position of managing people and looking after people, and I will be the same.

"There are a few people that I am thinking about. We'll see. He (Gerrard) is a real legend. If I were to do something like that, he would be someone I would consider."

McGinley famously left no stone unturned in his pursuit of victory at Gleneagles, even making sure the fish in the team room were of European colours.

"I might have to find blue and yellow fish in America as well," Clarke added. "I suffer a bit from OCD as well so I'm sure I'll be doing the same sort of thing.

"The attention to detail shows the players that you care and you are thinking hard about the whole thing. You will never be perfect but you can certainly try for that. The commitments and responsibilities have increased but the bottom line is that I'm there to help the players."