Dad and daughter incest couple protest as child taken into care


An incestuous father and daughter daughter have gone public to appeal for their child to be returned to them after it was taken into care by authorities.

The couple, from Mallorca in Spain, where incest is not illegal, are appealing after a judge awarded temporary custody of their child to the state pending a full investigation.

36-year-old Chris insists that he is in a "unique and loving relationship" with his 18-year-old daughter Sara and claims that they should be allowed to keep their newborn baby girl, who is also his granddaughter.

Chris told local newspaper Cronica Baler, that his ex-wife, Sara’s mother, reported him for abuse because she was jealous of the relationship.

"My ex-wife is jealous and cannot understand the relationship. So she is trying to destroy it," he told reporters.

Chris’s daughter and partner Sara told reporters that she was given two choice by social services; to give her infant daughter/sister up for adoption or to move to a centre and raise the child alone.

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Sara told reporters: "When I fell pregnant I knew I wanted to keep it, I have always wanted to be a mother."

"My relationship may be unusual but it would be worse for a child to be given up for adoption or grow up in a centre," she said.

"People say (the relationship) is wrong, well I respect their opinion but I do not care.

"The easiest option would have been to have an abortion but we decided to have our baby because we don’t care what people think."

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Chris spoke to reporters about how he started the sexual relationship with his daughter:

"Our relationship started like they all do, with flirting, getting along and then trust.

"And everything was going very well until people found out about it.

"We may be father and daughter but she has never seen me as a parent because I am much more like a friend than a father figure," he said.

Incest is legal in Spain provided the couple are consenting adults over the age of 16.

Via Cronica Baler