Creepy life-size dolls shock London commuters

Creepy life-size dolls shock London commuters

Creepy Victorian dolls have been lining the streets of London shocking passersby.

The incredibly realistic living dolls were spotted at Charing Cross Tube Station, Oxford Street and Regents Street where they were seen carrying toy dolls and pushing empty prams.

Confused Londoners took to social media to tell of the sightings, which turned out to be an elaborate stunt by THORPE PARK Resort to promote the world's first psychological theme park attraction created by Derren Brown arriving in spring 2016.

Derren explained in a statement: "The theme of Victoriana is ever present in my work and you will see glimpses of this in my new attraction. I believe we are moving toward a future where theme park attractions not only give you a physical experience but also play with your mind and the concept of what is real.

"The Victorian twin dolls, who have popped up around London this week, are just a taster of what my new attraction has in store for visitors to Thorpe Park next Spring."