Couple up all night after mangy fox breaks into home and poos everywhere

Wily: The fox stuck around and destroyed the place
Wily: The fox stuck around and destroyed the place

A couple recently had a sleepless, stressful night after a mangy fox broke into their home and destroyed their bedroom. He also defecated everywhere.

The incident occurred earlier this year in the UK. 

The footage was filmed by Wildelife Aid, who were contacted by a kind couple who reported the break-in. 

They told the Wildlife worker, who single-handedly carried out the rescue while filming it, they believed the fox entered the house via a cat flap in the kitchen. 

He stuck around and destroyed the bedroom, defecating everywhere before trying to get into the bed alongside the couple. 

"The three of them spent the night, together, in the bedroom," rescuer Simon said.

"On one side, the fox was trying to escape and, on the other side, the people were trying to minimise the damage in the room!

"After being caught, she was brought back to the centre, where she was treated for severe mange. She will now stay with us for about 4 weeks and be released when she has fully recovered."

Turns out foxes are fairly cute, even when they're relatively mangy.