Couple filmed having sex against window

Couple filmed having sex against window

A couple have been filmed having sex in their window opposite a busy office building.

The pair were staying in a London hotel when they decided to have a midday romp, much to the delight of the office workers who caught their every move on camera.

In a video posted by an onlooker, the naked couple can be seen against the window for a full 20 minutes before they move away, with the workers in hysterical laughter.

One unnamed employee told The Sun Online: "We couldn't really believe it.

"It was taken last week and since Monday (31.10.16) has been going round to all the workers on WhatsApp who work in the area.

"Everybody in the office is talking about it."

Another worker claimed that the couple "must have known" the adjacent office block could see them.

They said: "People found it very funny - to see people having sex in the middle of the working day while sitting at your desk is hilarious.

"I think it went on for about twenty minutes. No one knows who the couple are but they were clearly enjoying themselves and must have known they were being watched."