Cops mocked for 'Fred Flinstone' photo fit appeal

Fred Flinstone photofit
Fred Flinstone photofit

WHEN police issued this e-fit of a suspect in a robbery they got a massive response.

But it wasn't quite the one they were expecting.

Instead of a flood of helpful calls, social media was flooded with claims that the bizarre e-fit looked like cartoon character Fred Flinstone.

The image was distributed by Kent police in the UK of a man with one large sideburn.

He is being sought after a 75-year-old man was robbed in Margate.

But the picture posted by officers has been mocked on Facebook.

One comment said: "By the looks of this you're looking for a guy with a wife called Wilma and a pet dinosaur."

Some else wrote: "Did someone at police HQ get carried away with the black pen?? Lol."

Police are hunting the man after he approached the victim and pushed his head into a wall.

Two other men then removed cigarettes from his pockets.