Cop suspended for ‘splashing semen’ on female co-worker

The cop has been suspended
The cop has been suspended

A well-respected veteran cop with NYPD has allegedly ‘splashed semen’ on a female civilian employee at a police plaza in New York.

Sgt Michal Iscenko is alleged to have approached her from behind before depositing the substance down her leg and shoe.

The unnamed woman immediately complained to her superiors and Iscenko has been suspended while an investigation takes place.

She alleges that the sergeant came from behind her in a hallway at One Police Plaza and splashed her on an unspecified date in January.

A source explained: “She asked him ‘What are you doing?’, but he just walked away without responding.”

The substance was tested and deemed to have been semen.

He has not yet been criminally charged, but CCTV cameras have caught the incident on video. However, the woman’s body obscures the man crouching down behind her before he calmly walks away.

The NYPD have not commented yet on the allegations.