Video: Clarkson in trouble over Pistorius gag in South Africa

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Jeremy Clarkson made a joke in bad taste in South Africa
Jeremy Clarkson made a joke in bad taste in South Africa

Jeremy Clarkson just can’t seem to stay out of trouble – and the latest controversy comes after he made a joke about the Reeva Steenkamp murder trial in South Africa which saw Paralympian Oscar Pistorius on trial.

During a performance of the ‘Clarkson, Hammond and May – Live’ show in Johannesburg, the three presenters – Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, who made their name on Top Gear - chased each other around an auditorium on chariots pulled by mopeds.

While attempting to shoot each other with paintball guns, Clarkson apparently hit one of the members of the audience.

As the stricken punter is taken away by medical staff, Clarkson and May engage in a bit of banter over the stunt.

“You just shot a member of the audience in the face,” exclaimed May.

“But I thought he was a burglar,” says Clarkson.

“Was that member of the audience in the bathroom? Then it can't have been a burglar then, can it?'

While plenty of nervous laughter can be heard on the video, it is clear there is a sense of unease in the auditorium at the ill-judged attempts at humour.

Many in South Africa have slammed the presenters’ comments on such a high-profile and sensitive case.