Chihuahua chows down on weed cookie

Chihuahua chows down on weed cookie

A Chihuahua got high on a cookie filled with weed.

The pup called Peanut sniffed out the sweet treat, which was laying around in a bag, and the dog's owner says it was after the cookie rather than the drug.

According to the Metro newspaper, Reddit user Choices63, wrote: "We had an overnight guest. "Our Chihuahua found his stash, ate an entire weed-laced cookie. He actually dug it out of a duffel bag. Had to work hard to get it. It was the cookie he was after, not the weed."

Thankfully, vets were able to recover Peanut using charcoal and 10 hours later he was back to his old self.

They added: "He was pretty normal by the time we got him home."