Check out how Facebook has profiled your personality

Check out how Facebook has profiled your personality

As we all know Facebook collects user information in order to accurately target profiles with advertisements and content, however, until now we couldn't see what information was gathered.

Using a free tool from the University of Cambridge you can now see the amount of information Facebook has gathered about you.

The tool, called Apply Magic Sauce will comb through your Facebook profile and replicate what the social media giant thinks of you.

It will start with your gender, intelligence, political standing, sexual preference and life satisfaction before moving on to the so-called ‘Big-5’ personality traits, which are: openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness and neuroticism.

The researcher behind the test, Dr David Stillwell, told The Daily Mail:

"One of the challenges with our modern online lives is that data is being collected about us and predictions are made, but we never get to see what Facebook is doing behind the scenes.

"We wanted to show people, given this fairly innocuous data, this is the prediction Facebook can make about them."

Once you log on to Apply Magic Sauce, the tool will show you your results almost instantly