Celebrity marriages are doomed

Celebrity marriages are doomed

Celebrity marriages are more doomed than others.

The rich and famous are twice as likely to get divorced and celebrities who wed in their twenties and those who court for less than a year before tying the knot - as in the case of Kim Kardashian West and her first husband Kris Humphreys - are most likely to fail miserably in their nuptials and end up on the divorce scrapheap.

Increased pressure, lack of quality time together and living life in the public eye also cause a strain on stars' love lives.

The statistics were collated by celebrity divorce lawyer Vanessa Lloyd-Platt for the launch of a new truTV show titled 'Fatal Vows' which examines how marriages can break down and even end in murder.

'Fatal Vows' airs on the channel from Tuesday (05.04.16).