Caterpillar zombie virus spreads

Caterpillar zombie virus spreads

Caterpillars are being killed by a zombie virus that makes them explode.

The baculovirus - which is affecting caterpillars across the UK - apparently brainwashes the Oak Eggar moth forcing it to hide away from sunlight and climb to the top of plants where its body turns into liquid and bursts open, the Blackpool Gazette reports.

Wildlife expert Dr Chris Miller said: "It's like a zombie horror film.

"It is really unusual seeing caterpillars high up as they can be eaten by bird. This is a caterpillar of the Oak Eggar moth, which eats heather and bilberry, so it is normally hidden in the undergrowth not at the top of plants."

This zombie apocalypse was first spotted 100 years ago and scientists are appealing for help to monitor the spread of the virus.