Cat owners can now lick their pets without mouth of fur

The Licki Brush in action
The Licki Brush in action

Cat owners can lick their pets without getting a mouth of fur with new Licki Brush.

The mechanical bush, invented by PDX Pet Design, acts as a grooming tool by attaching to a person's mouth.

The developers aren't new to the pet industry - they manufactured pet products such as Shru, an intelligent toy for cats - and have their own website, which states the tagline: "Lickibrush. Lick your cat" and the description reads: "Either you or a good friend needs this and you know it. Sign up and be the first to Get a LICKI."

It's products have appeared in Modern Cat magazine and the firm has even set up a kickstarter funding page to raise cash to grow the business.

Anyone interested in this device is asked to send them their email address and they will email when the kickstarter is up and running.

Visit www.lickibrush.com for more details.