Cash-strapped Britons expected to re-gift this Christmas

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Cash-strapped Britons expected to re-gift this Christmas

Cash-strapped Britons are expected to re-gift at Christmas due to Brexit.

An average of £28 billion has been forecast to be spent on over the festive season this year - a £117 million more than 2015 - but with many UK families struggling to survive with the rising costs of living, giftcard marketplace Zeek surveyed 2,000 Britons to ask them about their fears

Among those surveyed, one in six are worried about the impact on the economy following Brexit whilst one in 10 are concerned about the economy after Donald Trump came into office as the President of America.

Daniel Zelkind, CEO of Zeek.me, said: "Zeek has thousands of discounted vouchers selling at between 5 and 25 per cent below their market value that can be used against some of the biggest purchases, from decorations to food, delivering savings that can help at a time when every penny counts."

In a bid to save cash, Britons have used the following five methods: Gift-shifting - re-gifting a present received from someone else, Sacrificing daily coffee, making a packed lunch, Gym membership cancelled quitting smoking.

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