Can you solve the puzzle designed for 6-year olds that's stumping adults?

So, how long did it take you to solve?
So, how long did it take you to solve?

A puzzle designed for six-year-old children in Hong Kong is causing adults all over the world to scratch their heads.

The question, part of a test for Hong Kong children before their entry into primary school, is supposed to be solved by the kids in about 20 seconds.

However, since the question went viral many adults are discovering that it takes them far longer than 20 seconds to get it, if they get it at all.

So, here it is...

Look below for the answer














Okay, here is a very big hint

See, it is easy now.

It seems children's minds are free enough that they will literally look at a problem upside down, making this particular puzzle a doddle.

Adults will over think it, and get bogged down in trying to work out a sequence or some other pattern that simply isn't there.