Cadbury's Roses tin to shrink yet again

The famous Cadbury tin is about to get a bit lighter. Again
The famous Cadbury tin is about to get a bit lighter. Again

Simply terrible news for fans of the chocolate selection.

Certain bits of news hit you really hard and reports that the Cadbury's Roses tin is to shrink again is right up there.

A report today in the Mail says that for the FOURTH YEAR IN A ROW the weight of the family favourite will be reduced.

This time 24g will be taken off, reducing the weight from 753g to 729g. Back in the glory days in 2011, the tin weighed a bumper 975g.

Of course, the price will remain the same.

The move is driven by Cadbury's US owners Kraft, who are also getting rid of the famous 'twirly' wrappings, replacing them with sealed individual packaging, just like modern chocolate bars.

A spokesperson spoke to the Telegraph on the subject, blaming costs for the changes.

'Like many food manufacturers, we have found costs increasing. It is important we keep Cadbury Roses an affordable treat. In 2014, the number one complaint on Roses was chocolates becoming unwrapped. The flow-wrap should keep them fresher for longer and ensure they don't unwrap in the box.'

Kraft bought Cadbury's in 2010, and the Roses brand has been on the go since 1938.