This is by far the BEST chocolate bar ever produced by Cadbury

TrendingBy Shuki Byrne
Hmmmmm, chocolate
Hmmmmm, chocolate

What has seven fillings and is possibly the best thing EVER created... ?

It's not your gran, it's not your auntie Mary.

It's this chocolate bar created by Cadbury's. 

The Dairy Milk Spectacular 7 combines seven of the most popular flavours - the 'Dairy Milk' original, 'Caramel', 'Whole Nut', 'Fruit & Nut', 'Turkish Delight', 'Oreo' and 'Daim Bar'.

Unfortunately, getting your hands on the Spectacular 7 might prove more difficult as Cadbury are only releasing 50 of the bars to lucky Twitter fans.

For your chance to scoop a limited edition bar, follow @CadburyUK to keep an eye on the prize.

Here's to hoping Cadbury consider making this thing of beauty a permanent member of the family...