Brother and sister spend night in coffin

Brother and sister spend night in coffin

A Dracula-loving brother and sister have spent the night sleeping in coffins.

Robin and Tami Varma have become the first overnight guests at the Bran Fortress - where Bram Stoker got the inspiration for his novel 'Dracula' - in over 70 years.

The pair spent the night sleeping in coffins in the Romanian castle, dubbing the experience as "comfortable".

Tami, 31, said in a video: "This might be more comfortable than my mattress at home, although I don't know how we'll sleep tonight."

According to the Daily Mirror newspaper, Robin, 30, added: "I actually might close the lid on my coffin."

Tami also recalled how their grandfather had visited the grounds in 1976.

She said: "He said that on his way out he had heard these footsteps behind him and he said he could feel the evil in the air and in the walls."

Their stay comes as a prize from a competition run by Airbnb, complete with horse-drawn carriage ride.