Brilliant tweet explains General Election 2016 in emojis

The count centre in Dublin's RDS
The count centre in Dublin's RDS

There has been reams of analysis already, and days more of it to come, but one tweet perfectly explains General Election 2016 by just using emojis.

Posted by Kieran O'Sullivan, this proves the phrase that a picture (or emoji) speaks a thousand words.

As for how we stand now, the latest tallies suggest that some big names are in trouble.

With the exit polls indicating that the coalition parties were facing a meltdown the tallies from all over the country are confirming that view.

With counting ongoing around the country - and no result as yet returned in any of the constituencies - analysis of the exit polls show Fine Gael on a mere 24.8pc, down from 36.1pc in 2011.

Should this exit poll match the first preference results, this will represent the worst performance by the poll topping party in Irish history.

The last time there was any comparable result was in 1927 and the country was back at the polling booth within a few months.

That prospect is looming large again.