Bookies keep prices low for a white Christmas in Ireland

Are you ready for a white Christmas?
Are you ready for a white Christmas?

The big day is only 50 days away and the bookies still believe that snow is a real possibility on December 25.

We have already featured one or two experts who reckon Ireland is set to be blanketed with snow this Christmas but when the bookies start to believe it too, then it must be true.

Paddy Power released updated odds for a white Christmas today and they reckon the chances are good if you like the idea of a picture postcard big day.

Dublin remains the most likely place to have a white Christmas in the country, according to the bokies, with the odds staying static at 5/2,

Cork is a little less likely, at 4/1, the same odds as Limerick.

And if you really don't fancy the idea of a snowy December 25, then Galway is the best bet with odds of 6/1.

Belfast, Edinburgh and Glasgow are all at the same odds as Dublin, as predictions of a chilly holidays continue to mount up.

If you want to be guaranteed a white Christmas then you need to get to Winnipeg.

The Canadian city is priced at 1/200 to have a white Christmas this year according to Paddy Power.


1/200 Winnipeg

7/4 New York

7/4 Vancouver

5/2 Belfast, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin

3/1 Birmingham, Leeds, London, Manchester

4/1 Paris, Cork, Limerick

5/1 Cardiff

6/1 Galway

12/1 Barcelona