Online bookie offers distasteful odds on 'Aaron Ramsey curse'

Aaron Ramsey
Aaron Ramsey

An online bookmaker is taking bets on the next celebrity to die after a Welsh soccer star scores a goal.

Gambling website Win Cash Live is offering odds on several celebs who could perish within 72 hours of Arsenal footballer Aaron Ramsey finding the net, in what has been dubbed the "Aaron Ramsey curse".

It has come about after several high-profile stars died shortly after the Arsenal midfielder scored a goal, prompting some to stupidly suggest the midfielder's goals are 'cursed'.

David Bowie and Alan Rickman died within 24 hours of Ramsey scoring for the Gunners against Sunderland and Liverpool earlier this month.

Stars including Whitney Houston, Paul Walker and Robin Williams, all died shortly after Ramsey scored, in February 2012, November 2013 and August 2014 respectively.

The site is offering odds of 100/1 for the likes of David Cameron, Kanye West, Donald Trump, Bill Cosby and a handful of other celebrities on a list to die within 72 hours of the midfielder netting a goal.

Ashley Faull, Founder of  Win Cash Live, said: “We’ve been tracking the Aaron Ramsey curse for some time and, like many, couldn’t believe it when both David Bowie and Alan Rickman tragically passed away within 24 hours of Ramsey goals. The Arsenal player’s goals seemingly took two national treasures in just one week, so after one of our top customers tweeted us and asked if we would cover it, we started thinking about who could be next.”