BO meetings to stop smelly workers

BO meetings to stop smelly workers

Bosses of Japanese firms have been holding "odour etiquette" meetings to help combat smelly employees.

Employers have gone to extreme lengths to help wipe out the awful stench of body odour by forcing their staff to attend seminars, which will include masterclasses in how to apply deodorant, regularly in a bid to stop them being bullied by fresh-smelling co-workers and putting off clients.

Around 40 employees at the mobile phone company SoftBank took part in one of the seminars last month.

Yasuko Okabe, an employee who attended the seminar, told the Mainichi newspaper: "Body odor is a very sensitive subject, and it's not easy to tell employees to their face that they smell. But if we pass on the content of this seminar at our workplaces, problems with body odor may improve."

The seminar also told employees not to apply too much perfume and to be cautious of wreaking of cigarettes.