Bite from spider found in Tesco banana causes four hour erection

Bite from spider found in Tesco banana causes four hour erection

Mum of two Maria Layton opened a bag of Tesco bananas, only to find they were infested with erection causing spiders.

43-year-old Maria, from Bristol, UK, said:

"My husband bought the bananas from Tesco. They had been in the house a whole day before I ripped the bag open.

"Siri asked for a banana. The first banana had a funny bit on it, so I got another one for her and that was when I found the massive spider cocoon.

"There was spider web on the other bananas too. I was so scared - I don't like spiders at the best of times, but have read about Brazilan Wandering Spiders - and was very frightened about the potential threat to my family.”

"The spider cocoon started to unfurl so I put it in a sealed box and put it in the freezer as I read that that is supposed to kill them,” she said.

The aggressive arachnids are called Wandering spiders because they wander the jungle floor at night.

They hide inside banana plants during the day and are also known as “banana spiders”.

Their venom can cause men to have four hour long erections and is being studied by scientists for use as an erectile dysfunction treatment.

Wandering spider

After Maria flung the venomous spiders into her freezer she contacted Tesco.

 "Tesco were a bit useless, I was really concerned about the possibility of this dangerous spider and spider eggs in my house and really wanted some helpful advice”.

"I posted the picture on Tesco Facebook page and they told me to send the wrapper in so they could get the barcode to refund me! I was shocked,” she said.

A spokesman for Tesco told reporters: "We’ve apologised to Mrs Layton and offered a gesture of goodwill. We’ve asked her to return the product to our store so we can conduct a full investigation."