Big-chested woman’s own ‘air bags’ saved her in accident

The woman's own 'air bags' saved her, according to doctors
The woman's own 'air bags' saved her, according to doctors

A woman who was mowed down by a car as she stopped to have a cigarette was miraculously saved from serious injury – by her massive breasts.

Sarah Foster had been driving to a christening with children Steven (13) and Megan (8) and wife Marie when they stopped so as she could make a quick phone call to her mother and have a quick puff.

The curvy 5’3” woman, who weighs 19 stone, then heard ‘a loud bang’ as a Mini collided with the median barrier on the carriageway at a speed estimated to have been 130kph – before it slammed straight into her.

The last thing she remembers was the car careering across two lanes at speed towards her and the airbags inflating – before she was sent flying into the air and over the car.

She ended up face down on the inside lane with her leggings having been ripped off – and had her ample bosoms to thank for cushioning the impact and saving her life.

The car windscreen was not so lucky though, as it was shattered by Sarah’s life-saving cleavage.

Wife Marie quickly dragged her to safety away from oncoming traffic on the road in Peterborough in England, and they both couldn’t believe her lucky escape thanks to her whopping 38JJ bust.

“The paramedic at the scene told me I should be grateful for my own ‘airbags’,” said Sarah, who didn’t have a single broken bone following the smash – but did suffer cuts, bruising and a damaged knee ligament.

“The doctors told me if I wasn’t so big-chested I would probably have died. I bounced around like a balloon.”

She had previously discussed having a breast reduction with Marie, but is surely now very glad she kept her prized assets.

She was awarded €7,000 from the driver’s insurers, but the driver was not charged with any offence.