BBC edit article which insinuated McGregor was first champion from UK

Bruising: The Dubliner after his victory at the weekend
Bruising: The Dubliner after his victory at the weekend

It's a running joke for us in Ireland, Scotland and Wales when a sport star is claimed by England - or sometimes the United Kingdom - as one of their own.

Andy Murray springs to mind. 

When the Scotsman was in form and winning games he was the best 'British' - and sometimes 'English' - sports star in the world. When he was losing he was a meagre Scot. 

Latest in the line of star-grabbing is possibly the most preposterous. 

The BBC were forced to edit an article on Conor McGregor's title-winning fight after suitable outrage on social media. 

The initial second paragraph of the published article referred to the Dubliner as being the "first UFC champion from the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland".

This prompted a series of mostly indignant responses from many on social media. The BBC was forced to backtrack and subtly reworded the article so it read, "from the Republic of Ireland or United Kingdom".

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