Bargains are all well and good, until a dodgy chainsaw loses an arm

1,000 Dodgy Chainsaws seized at UK ports
1,000 Dodgy Chainsaws seized at UK ports

People in the UK, desperate for an online bargain, have been unwittingly buying dodgy chainsaws, dangerous toys and possibly face melting cosmetics.

These are only some of the unsafe products that have been seized by the UK’s National Trading Standard, for being unsafe, reports the Mirror. 

Almost two million items were seized between April and December 2014, some of these included:

1,000 lethal chainsaws from China, most with brakes that didn’t work. 20 unsafe children’s scooters. 397 home tooth whitening kits containing over 60 times the permitted amount of Hydrogen Peroxide.

670,891 cosmetic items, such as skin whitening cream, soaps, oil and face cream which had been described as unsafe.

Roughly 6500 items were seized every day across 14 local authorities in the UK, at airports, hostel hubs and ports.

Thomas Finlay