Bedtime habits; the average time Irish people go to bed is revealed

Maximise sleep
Maximise sleep

Data published from the Sleep Cycle app reveals a whole lot about the world's sleeping habits.

The app, which has just shy of two million users worldwide, is used to track the quality of your sleep and now researchers have published what its data tells us about the sleeping habits of different nations.

In a report in the Daily Mail, the earliest risers are South Africans, who get up at 6.09am on Mondays while Romanians are earliest to bed on average, heading up the stairs at 11.09pm every night.

As for us, we got to bed on average at 12.16am and we get up at 7.50am. Our UK cousins go to bed a little later, at 12.28am, and get up a little earlier too, at 7.33am.

However, the app also measures quality of sleep and we finish 49 out of 50 countries listed on that score, so it is no wonder you will meet grumpy people every morning on the bus. Slovakians have the best quality sleep, according to the app.

The data also reveals, unsurprisingly, that 90 per cent of people sleep more and later on a Saturday than any other day while Wednesday night is usually the best quality sleep of the week.

Sunday is the night you get the least sleep, as the thought of Monday morning and a return to work looms around the world.