Australian and British girls try (badly) to pronounce Irish names


Less than 48 hours after the Americans at Buzzfeed attempted to pronounce Irish names, Irish YouTuber Clisare got her Australian and British friends to attempt some even harder ones.

Australian YouTuber Louna Maroun managed names like Aoife and Saoirse (with some work) but British YouTuber 'IckleNellieRose' (Ellen) had a bit more difficulty, especially with names like Maedhbh.
"There's too many consonants in this name... Have I cracked it? Is it like English words but with extra consonants?"
Louna, who has an Irish boyfriend with an Irish-language surname, managed some names a bit easier but stumbled across 'Cathal'.
"F**k this language, seriously!"
Ellen had a good sense of humour about it, adding "to all the Irish people watching... I just want to apologise for butchering all your names".
A Father Ted reference even appears near the end, with Ellen asking "Is that Ted? Ted and Dougal?" while looking at Tadhg and Domhnall.

Irish Independent