Audio: A scientist has written the safest tune to listen to in the car

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A song has been written that should make you a better driver if you pop it on the car stereo.

Called 'Safe in Sound' it has been released as part of Road Safety Week in the UK.

Composed by Dr. Simon Moore, a Chartered Psychologist and university academic with some help from musicians, the song is designed to be ideally suited to safe driving.

Moore has studied the effects of music on driving ability for years and he came up with the formula for the type of song that would be best for drivers.

Moore concluded that the safest music for motorists has a not-too-fast, not-too-slow ‘Goldilocks tempo’ of 50–80 beats per minute (mirroring the average human heartbeat), includes energetic movement and steady pulsation (such as baroque-style music), shuns lyrics altogether, has no repeating melodies and is of a low intensity and volume.

The song itself certainly won't have you bouncing off the walls and is in fact very soothing to listen to and Moore believes it is better to listen to than reggae, heavy metal, hip hop and jazz, all music types he claims can contribute to bad driving.