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Tall tails: Spiritualist holds seances for troubled pets

Our girl Geraldine sits down for a natter
Our girl Geraldine sits down for a natter
Cat chat: Lyn with a moggie
Cat chat: Lyn with a moggie

She’s Ireland’s very own Dr Doolittle – crossed with Mystic Meg.

Not only can Lyn Furlong talk to the animals, she also uses her psychic skills to make contact with their spirits.

Whether it’s a cow who wants to talk to the udder side, a sheep having a baaa-d dream or a horse having a night-mare, Lynn is ready to listen.

“I work with two vets who call me when they have an animal that has an emotional problem. Sometimes the animal just wants to talk,” she says.

“I can’t actually heal them because I’ve no veterinary training, but I’ll often spot some problem that needs to be checked out.

“Animals work on energy, they’re naturally telepathic. That’s why a dog knows his owner is coming home an hour before he arrives.”

Her clients even include mice and rats.

“I’ve dealt with two pet rats. They are so intelligent. And I can clear a house of mice – I just ask them to leave, but I always make sure they have somewhere else to go. I had mice in the house here and I told them to go to the shed at the end of the garden. I put food in it for them and off they went.”

Sometimes animals have sad news to communicate, such as the dog with a brain tumour who told her he was ready to die.

“He said ‘I’m leaving now, my work is done’.”

Her most talkative clients are parrots – but they don’t use their voices to talk to Lyn.

“They communicate on a spiritual level, silently. I was called out to one parrot who was depressed.

“He told me ‘I lost my friend’ – not in words, but that’s what came into my mind when I was sitting beside him.

 “I asked the owners had they changed anything in his cage, and it turned out they had got rid of  his old mirror. He used to talk to his reflection in the old mirror.”

Another satisfied client is her horse, Roma, who was rescued from the meat factory.

His owner was going to sell him for horsemeat until Lyn’s friend bought him on her behalf.

“Roma never stops thanking me. And I use him in my workshops on psychic communication with animals. He has found his calling in life.

“Horses are very sensitive souls – especially thoroughbreds. The more high-spirited they are, the more communicative they are.

Charging €55 for a reading and €180 for a two-day workshop, Lyn has clients all over the country.

“When I can’t visit an animal, the owners send me a photo and I use telepathy to communicate,” she says.

When Saffron, a ginger tomcat, ran away from his Dublin home, his owners sent Lyn a photo.

“After three days, he told me he was across the road in a disused shed.

“I had to make his owners promise to let him come and go as he pleased – then he went home.”

But it was Tails of the Unexpected when Lynn tried to teach me some psychic skills with her giant poodle Luka.  

Our seance took place in her sitting room in Trim, Co Meath, but instead of a ouija board and tarot cards, Lynn relies on the vibes from a statue of the Virgin Mary.

“I am a great believer in Our Lady. She appeared to me in this house many years ago after I had several miscarriages.

“I wanted a little brother or sister for my eldest daughter, Mary, who was five at the time. I was pregnant when she appeared.

 “Then I knew the child I was carrying would be born – and I had my second daughter, Aine.

“I connect to the Divine Source, but I don’t bring my own religion into it because the animals’ owners might not have the same religion.”

She first studied spirituality while she was caring for her husband, who had multiple sclerosis for 10 years before he died 22 years ago.

“We used to run a betting shop together but then this terrible illness struck him down.

“I was looking for ways to look after my husband, and I became a member of the Natural Federation of Spiritual Healers.

“I think we all have it within us to heal or to communicate with spirits – it’s just lying dormant.

“And animals are more in touch with their spiritual side.”