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Shebeen pensioner in legal battle over Roller

Our reporter with Patsy Brogan
Our reporter with Patsy Brogan

He shot to fame with his ‘Bog Hotel’ shebeen in the wild Blue Stack Mountains of Donegal.

Then pensioner Patsy Brogan (78), announced he was to marry a blonde Polish beauty 43 years his junior – and that she was pregnant.

Now he is back in the news in a legal fight over a rust-coloured 1978 Rolls Royce.

The former taxi driver, who claims to be an ex-airline pilot, paid local woman Bernadette Diver €1,450 for the Silver Spirit car. He got the keys and the documents, but he claims she refused to hand over the car.

The case ended up in Glenties District Court this week when widow Mrs Diver agreed to hand back his money and the matter was adjourned for a month for the money to be paid. The car had belonged to her late husband Hugh.

 “I’m glad I’m getting my money back, but I would have preferred the Rolls Royce,” Patsy said.

Battling Patsy wrote to the Sunday World and invited us to cover the case. And the publicity-loving pensioner asked us on our arrival: “Have you got a cameraman with you?”

The case marked another legal win for Patsy, who claims he has been taken to court 17 times by the authorities trying to close down his shebeen, in a shed next to his remote farmhouse.

“I’m not doing anything wrong as I don’t charge for drinks. It’s just friends calling in,” he said.

So, is the famous Bog Hotel still open?

“Well, it was at 4am this morning,” he told us. “The Bog Hotel will be open until the day I die.”

The Sunday World later called at the mountaintop ‘bar’ and found it in darkness, with no electricity, piles of rubbish and newspapers littering the floor and with little booze.

Neither was there any sign of 6ft beauty Daria Weiske (35). Back in 2010 Patsy claimed he was going to marry her and that she was pregnant. He even revealed scans that showed his 10th child was a boy.

Newspapers lapped up the story until the Sunday World revealed that Patsy was a spoofer.

Daria told us at the time that she was just looking after Patsy as a housekeeper.

“What are you going to write?” a deflated Patsy asked back then.

“You’re not going to say me and Daria aren’t getting married? People around here think we are together. It’s good publicity.”

As for the Bog Hotel, maybe it isn’t open? Locals said there had been no activity for months.

Patsy confessed: “Everyone has gone to Australia and England. There is nobody around. It would cost me €1,500 to restock, but I’ll be back in action in two weeks.”