WATCH - Armed Darth Vader robs a bank in America

Tiny Darth Vader held up a bank
Tiny Darth Vader held up a bank

A bank robber stunned workers in Pineville, North Carolina when he turned up in a Darth Vader outfit and a escaped with a stash of cash.

Terrified bank workers didn't know what to make of the criminal dressed in his bizarre outfit as he held up the bank and demanded money.

While the scene had elements of farce about it, it was also a serious incident that left those working in the bank fearing for their lives.

He then escaped the scene yesterday in a four-door grey Chevy Suburban, wuth police describing the incident as "very serious" as they searched for a violent Star Wars fan.

At 5ft 5in the robber was a full foot shorter than Darth Vader actor Dave Prowse, who famously towered over his co-stars in the classic sci-fi movie.