American woman wakes up with British accent

American woman wakes up with British accent

An American woman woke up with a British accent after she underwent surgery on her jaw.

Lisa Alamia has been diagnosed with foreign accent syndrome - a rare neurological disorder affecting less than 100 people worldwide - after she went under the knife six months ago but is hoping her original dialect will return.

Speaking to KHOU TV, she said: "I didn't know the reaction I was going to get from people. So I didn't know if they're going to judge me. "Are they going to think I'm lying or even understand how I'm speaking?"

Ms Alamia - who was born in Texas - has admitted her new accent has been getting her down because have family have been poking fun at her and accusing her of putting it on.

She explained: "People who don't know me, they're like, 'Hey, where are you from?' 'I'm from Rosenberg.'

"They're like, 'Where is that?' I'm like, 'Right here in Rosenberg.' 'Oh, you're from here? How do you talk like that?' So that's where the whole story comes up."