Amazing homeless rapper sings with band Keywest on Grafton Street

Amazing: Homeless rapper named Tommy KD sings with Keywest
Amazing: Homeless rapper named Tommy KD sings with Keywest

This homeless rapper joined Irish band Keywest to produce this little masterpiece.

Keywest are often seen busking on Dublin's Grafton Street, but they were recently joined by a homeless rapper apparently by the name of Tommy KD. 

With the homeless crisis in the capital taking centre-stage since the sad demise of Jonathan Corrie, this is an amazing little insight into a homeless man's life on the streets. 

He can sing but more importantly his lyrics are excellent. 

Real name is Thomas Kiernan Dunne, the ex-heroin addict appeared in hit TV show Love/Hate after getting the attention of the crew through his involvement in a community group called RADE — a creative arts and education centre for people with drug problems in Dublin’s inner city.

Landing the role was credited with keeping the reformed addict clean after Thomas was approached to play the part by top casting agent Maureen Hughes, as he struggled to kick his habit, reports The Star.

Love/Hate director David Caffrey said, "I'd looked at some of the YouTube clips of him rapping but I was blown away with his performance on the day we shot his scene. It is a shoot day I will never forget. His life story is worthy of a film itself. He is a real talent and I wish him well with his music."