All the best of today's April Fool's Day stories and spoofs

Did any of these catch you?
Did any of these catch you?

As always, April 1 produced a lot of tales that needed to be read very carefully. Here are some of the best from home and abroad.

The Irish Independent told us that because of a mix-up, the new Luas line will now run through rather than around Trinity College, leading to the possibility of the Book of Kells being moved to a new home in Meath.

Luas-related gags were a feature of this year's April Fool's Day stories, with the Star claiming that flying trams called 'SUAS' are on the way.

The Herald's spoof also had a Luas theme as they told us that to complete the final stage of cross-city works the Spire was being sold to Dubai for €2m and that a bronze statue of Dublin footballer Bernard Brogan was set to take its place.

And we tried to fool you with a yarn about Irish porn viewers being hit with extra charges in the upcoming new TV Licence scheme.

Elsewhere the Irish Times claimed that US President Donald Trump was buying Liberty Hall to turn it into a hotel while the Sun carried reports that Paddy Power was going to get into the business of seahorse racing.

Companies were also, as always, keen to get in on the April Fool's Day fun.

Supermac's tried to convince us they were launching an F1 team.

HB announced that their popular snack Iceberger was being discontinued due to the rising costs of production caused by Brexit.

Dominos Pizza unveiled a fantastic new idea to get your delivery into your house even quicker.

Honda introduced us to a new type of car horn that emitted emoji noises...

Burger King claimed to launch a toothpaste that tastes like their Whopper...

IKEA announced they were launching a low-cost airline called FLIKEA...

And bathstore.com declared they had created a new app called Loober which will bring a portable toilet to you...