Alcohol has been discovered on a comet

We have a new favourite comet
We have a new favourite comet

Scientists have discovered a comet that is spewing out two of our favourite things, alcohol and sugar.

The charmingly named Comet Lovejoy has revealed itself to be made up of stuff we here on Earth really like.

Lovejoy, official name C/2014 Q2, passed so close to the Sun that it began to thaw out and reveal some of the items that it was made of.

One of them was ethyl alcohol, the same stuff our booze is made from.

In fact, boffins have even quantified just how much alcohol was coming from Lovejoy.

"We found that comet Lovejoy was releasing as much alcohol as in at least 500 bottles of wine every second during its peak activity," said Nicolas Biver of the Paris Observatory, who wrote a research paper published in journal Science Advances on the comet.

That's a lot of alcohol.

Not only was the comet spewing out alcohol, it was also emitting glycolaldehyd, a simple sugar and 21 other compunds.

Some believe that comets like these crashed into the earth many billions of years ago, kickstarting life here.