Airline bans man for life for flashing his Pinocchio tattooed penis


A 22-year-old man has been banned for life from an airline after he showed his Pinocchio-tattoed penis to the rest of the flight.

The incident happened on a Jet2.com flight from the East Midlands Airport to Majorca last week when Tom Washington and 22 of his friends were heading off on a holiday.

Washington was dressed as an airline steward and with his mood described as 'jovial' he exposed his penis to the entire plane, a penis that is at the centre of a tattoo of Disney character Pinocchio. Yes, really.

He told the Mirror

"There were 23 of us altogether and we all met at East Midlands airport," he said. "We got up in the early hours to do our make-up and hair like any presentable woman.

"We were all excited and sober at this point, and we got on to the plane with barrels of laughter from pretty much everyone – the airport staff and members of the public. We got to our seats on the plane for the safety induction.

"I got up but because my jacket was too tight, it exposed my chest which I had covered with a bra.

"I then proceeded to 'help' the cabin staff with the talk using a sex toy.

"There were some old men on the plane as well and they were a laugh.

"The lads mentioned I had a tattoo of Pinocchio, which I showed them, and that was the point where the manager took my passport."

The head of the cabin crew took his passport and they cancelled his return flight.

In a statement, the airline said: "Jet2.com has given a lifetime ban to Grimsby man, Thomas Washington, for indecently exposing himself to cabin crew on a flight to Majorca last Friday, May 1.

"The airline refused his return travel to East Midlands Airport and has also reported the incident to the police."

Washington's friends clubbed together to pay for his flight home, on a different airline.