A snake is found in supermarket

A snake is found in supermarket

A woman was shocked to be faced with a 12 foot long snake when she reached for a carton of milk at a supermarket.

A customer at Komatipoort in South Africa was surprised to came face to face with the large African Rock Python when she picked out a dairy treat in the refrigerated section in the store, according to the Mail Online.

Thankfully the serpent was asleep and remained undisturbed during the shopping spree, but was swiftly removed by a snake catcher who is believed to return the reptile to Kruger National Park.

Although it is unknown how the giant animal snuck inside the store, it is rumoured it may have slid through the roof or up the drains.

A manager at the retailer, Martie Esnouf, said: "I don't know it got in there but it could have come in through the roof or the drains and it ended up in the shop fridge."