A replica of Mars appears at Trafalgar Square

A replica of Mars appears at Trafalgar Square

A replica landscape of Mars was unveiled at London's Trafalgar Square on Monday morning (07.11.16).

Artists worked overnight to lay a giant 400 square metre canvas over the surface of the capital's iconic landmark, complete with matching geology and the Airbus Mars Rover prototype called Bridget.

Surface imagery from the Martian planet was used to create the huge canvas and took a team of artists and engineers two months to painstakingly produce the replica rocky landscape featuring craters, ravines and canyons.

Commuters and tourists awoke to see the nation's most famous public square turned into an intergalactic scene. The out-of-this-world artwork was revealed to be a marketing campaign by National Geographic to launch thrilling new docu-drama, 'MARS', which airs on November 13 at 9pm.

Kirsty Howell, Head of PR at Fox Networks Group UK, commented: "It is no longer a case of if, but when we will reach the Red Planet, and this will happen within our lifetime. National Geographic is going further, as pioneers committed to pushing boundaries, and our thrilling new docu-drama 'MARS' blurs the line between the future and reality in a gripping way, never before seen on television."