A pensioner hit someone in the face on a ride

A pensioner hit someone in the face on a ride

A thrill-seeking pensioner punched someone in the face on a ride.

The 71-year-old adrenaline junkie Emily Barker has admitted she is a screamer on the loop-the-loop rides and in excitement she "flung" her arms in the air as she whizzed along on a roller coaster ride and accidentally hit the person sitting beside her.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz about her most embarrassing moment on the stomach-churning ride, she said: "One time I was on a roller coaster and as I flung my arms in the air in all the excitement, I somehow managed to hit the person sat next to me! Luckily he laughed it off, but now I'm definitely more careful about getting overexcited on rides.

"During the rides, I tend to scream and scream and scream, but this is just a sign of me enjoying it! Afterwards, my friends and family all have a laugh about our reactions and often re-join the queue for a second go."

This news comes after Thorpe Park introduced the Old Aged Coaster (OAC) pass for veterans, which was launched at the Chertsey-based theme park on Thursday (25.08.16) after it saw a four per cent rise in the number of visitors aged over 65 in the last year.

Thorpe Park Resort's OAC passes will be available between August 25 and November 2 2016, although it is not available online.