A parrot only eats Yorkshire puddings

A parrot only eats Yorkshire puddings

A Yorkshire-speaking parrot will only eat Yorkshire puddings.

Margaret Hullahs' 11-year-old pet has developed a Yorkshire accent, and regularly greets visitors with the northern twang, and even has a soft spot for the battered accompaniment for a roast dinner, according to the Mirror Online.

Speaking about her winged pet, the 69 year old said: "He is my soul mate and I wouldn't be without him.

"But he has a very sharp beak and he can be a naughty boy. He has got a reputation.

"But he's picked up phrases from me and copied my Yorkshire dialect instead. He's a dead ringer for Compo from 'Last of the Summer Wine'.

"If someone comes round he'll say 'Hello' and then ask 'What's tha come for?'

"He also copies my laugh, whistles and if we're in a hurry he'll say 'Come on, come on.'

"He knows not to swear, at least not when I'm around."