A man invents a leotard to stop dogs molting

A man invents a leotard to stop dogs molting

A man has invented a leotard to stop his dog from molting.

Tyson Walters has created the Shed Defender, which was inspired by his own pet pooch Harley, to prevent him from leaving behind "tumble weeds" of fur around his home and allows all furry friends to sport the all in one garment to keep their fur intact.

Speaking about his creation to The Telegraph website, he said: "I needed a solution to control Harley's hair; it was everywhere. I had tumble weeds of her hair on my hardwood floors. My car was close to ruined because of all the hair intertwined in the fabric. There was nothing I could do, just brush and brush and brush, and yet that still wasn't enough.

"I came up with the idea and had my mom started sewing the Shed Defender; needless to say, it was time to hire a professional. I took the next step in hiring a seamstress and started making prototypes.

"The outcome has evolved into a flawless design that is not only effective, but also allows for a comfortable fit for the dog. It is now finally complete and I couldn't be happier with the results."