A man helps police wearing only his 'jocks'

A man helps police wearing only his 'jocks'

A man embarked on a car chase to help the police wearing only his "jocks".

Daniel McConnell helped the forces to arrest a driver after crashing a vehicle into a fish and chip shop in Australia who then made a quick escape whilst in his underpants, although he was told by the criminal not to be a "hero".

Speaking to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation about the incident, the dark-haired man said: "I've come outside and I've seen all of this commotion over here and I was in me jocks.

"All I had was me undies on and he started to take off up the street and I said 'what are you doing, mate?' and I started following him. He's like: 'Don't be a hero.'"

Daniel revealed he quickly returned home to pick up his car keys - not his clothes- to track down the offender and directed the Queensland state police to the driver who was arrested.

The 35-year-old criminal is allegedly set to appear in court in January 2017 after being charged with driving without a license.