A man finds a case filled with cash in basement

A man finds a case filled with cash in basement

A man has found a suitcase full of money in his basement.

The 35-year-old man had a pleasant surprise when he discovered a long lost case filled with historical information, crumpled newspaper cuttings, which dated back to the fifties, wads of cash in various denominations weighing in at $23,000, whilst he re-modelled his home.

Speaking to the Mirror Online about his finds, he said: "So my family and I have been living in our house we bought some years back.

"The house was built in the late 40s. I had remodelled everything on the first and second floors when it came time to remodel the basement.

"[I]peeled back the basement walls [and found] random writing and drawings.

"The newspaper is dated March 25, 1951. This must be near the time the box was hidden.

"Some of the bills were rarer than others. Some brown notes, a gold certificate and some star notes nearly uncirculated."

Although the lucky finder has called on a lawyer to advise him on the best course of action, he is allegedly planning to use the money to pay off some of his mortgage.