A hotel in Japan completely run by robots

A hotel in Japan completely run by robots

A hotel has opened in Japan which is entirely run by robots.

Nagasaki's Hen na Hotel opened to journalists and special guests today ahead of its official opening to guests tomorrow.

Service robots have been put in place at reception, including a dinosaur, and as porters, to look after the lockers and to clean rooms.

Other pioneering technological features include the option for guests to have a keyless stay as they can choose to use facial recognition instead.

The concept was developed in a bid to make the hotel a low-cost option. Rooms start at 7,000 yen per night, which is pretty reasonable in Japan.

Entrapeneurs believe that the idea is an excellant option to consumers for a low cost style hotel

The Hotel's spokesman said: “We have created an entirely new hotel that will be the first of its kind in the world, utilising advanced technology with robots as the main staff. We pursued ‘ultimate productivity’ to provide comfort and fun.

“However, with advanced technology evolving every day, there is plenty possibility of more new technology being born in the few years to come.

“In utilising advanced technology, we considered the state of constantly changing as a natural state, and set the concept of ‘an ever-changing hotel’.”