A goat wanders into Starbucks

A goat wanders into Starbucks

A goat in need of a "caffeine fix" wandered into a Starbucks in Northern California.

Staff were shocked to find the four legged farm animal sniffing their sacks of coffee bags and nuzzling bags of crisps and promptly contacted authorities.

The City of Rohnert Park Police & Fire department managed to take the lost goat "into custody" and quickly posted a "wanted" announcement on Facebook in the hope of finding its owner.

The notice read: "Missing a goat?

"The goat apparently needed a caffeine fix and had wandered INTO the Wolf Den Starbucks. The on duty sergeant promptly responded, took the goat into custody, and transported him to the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter. We're sure the Animal Shelter supervisor will be thrilled to find a goat in a dog's crate when she arrives to work!

After the goat was picked up by its owner, the police updated followers on Twitter and said: "We are pleased to report the goat's owner sprung him from the Animal Shelter. Thanks to our followers for the assist!"