A flying saucer is on the run from police

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A flying saucer is on the run from police

A flying saucer is on the run from police.

Law enforcement's were called to pursue the space vehicle, which is made out of two electric scooters, a smoke machine and lasers, after it whizzed along a children's playground in Gorey, Ireland, according to Sky News.

However, this was all part of artist Ali Kemal Ali's plan - who designed the spaceship replica for an arts festival - who alerted the police in a bid to draw more attention to his masterpiece and the arts show.

Ali recorded the video, which saw the police led on a wild goose chase, to social media, and has been praised for his creation.

Speaking about the policeman's reaction, he said: "They loved it. They were brilliant. How often do you go into a police station and ask for something like this - it's always doom and gloom. They saw the funny side of it. "When you come up beside it, it feels like it's alive."